lacquer mural No.1 to No.5

Medium: Wood-carving, Native Lacquer, Bronze, Goldleaf
Size: 1.5-4m High, 1-8.5m Length
Date: 2001
Designed For The Museum Display In Wuhan City, China
Opens Out Culture Of Antiquated Phoenix, Used Traditional Crafts Technique.

lacquer mural1

lacquer mural3lacquer mural2lacquer mural5lacquer mural4lacquer mural6

Flowers And Birds

Medium: Green Cloud Stone
Size: 1m High, 26m Length
Designed For Nanjing Dashikou Square, China
Depicts Flowers Blooming In A Riot Of Color And Birds Singing In Happy Melodies.
flowers and birds5flowers and birds4flowers and birds3flowers and birds2flowers and birds

Amorous Feel Of Kingdoms Of Wu And Yue

Medium: Marble
Size: 2.2m High 18.7m Length
Designed For Taiji Mountain Park In Changxing, China
Exhibits Important Events, People And Achievements In Spring And Autumn Period.

kingdoms wu and yuekingdoms wu and yue2kingdoms wu and yue3

Electricity Warming Up Thousands Of Families

Medium: Ceramic Slice , Marble, Cooper
Size: 2.8m High, 18m Length
Designed For Naning New Era Hotal China
Electricity Warming Up FamilieElectricity Warming Up Familie2

The Soul Of Stream

Medium: Marble
Size: 4m High, 30m Length
Designed For Jiangdu Longchuan Square, China
Depicts Some Famous Ancient And Modern Domestic Water Engineering Works, Merging Significance Of Art Decoration, historical records and culture education.

soul of streamsoul of stream4soul of stream3soul of stream2

Painted Wood Carving Series

Medium: Marble
Size: 4m High, 30m Length
Designed For Jiangdu Longchuan Square, China
wood carving serieswood carving series2

beautiful landscape of jingling

medium: ceramic tiles, coloured drawing
Size: 5.5m length, 14m high
designed for nanjing Tv group china, depicts some famous scenes in nanjing city
jingling scenes