The Wind Of Arts

Medium: Wood-carving, Native Lacquer, Bronze, Goldleaf
Medium: Bronze, Steel Frame Artificial Stone
Size: 5.5m
Designed For Jiangsu Artall Gallery, Displays The Rhythm Of Traditional Pattern

the wind of arts


Medium: Metal
Color: Lacquer Paint
Size: 3.5m
Designed For Nanjing Dashikou Square , Reflect A Relaxed And Comfortable Atmosphere, With The Sculpture Of Three Leaves Dotted With Glittering DewdropsRebirth


Medium: Metal, Lacquer Paint
Size: 3m
Designed For Jiangsu Goverment Bureau ,China
Represent Communication Between Chinese And Foreigners, Embodied With The Structures Of Gold And Silver.


Medium: Metal
Color: Lacquer Paint
Size: 12m
Designed For Jiangning Technology Garden, Shaped With Eight Circles Link To Each Otheron The Top, Embody Technology And Cooperationexporation


Medium: Steel Frame ,Clor Glass
Size: 3.6m
Designed For Nanjing Government, China
Symbol Of Entertainment Space In The Downtown Of Nanjingeyeshot

A Series Of Dragon- Shaped Columns

Medium: Bronze, Marble
Size: 7.2-7.8m
Designed For Jiangdu Longchuan Square, China . Engraved With Dragon Designs Of 12 Representative Dynasties In 5000 Years Of Chinese History
From The Ancient Ichthyosaur To Soaring Dragon Of Qing Dynasty. The Patterns On The Bodies Are Made Up Of The Typical Patterns Of The 12 Dynasties.dragon  shaped columnsdragon  shaped columns 2


Medium: Metal, Lacquer Paint
Size: 7m
Designed For Nanjing Tv Group
Created Figure From Chinese Word”中”, Represent The Tv Program For All Crowd.

A Series Of Engraved Sighting Walls

Medium: Bronze, Marble , Glass
Size: 3.5m High 5-12m Length
Designed For Suzhou Tongjing Garden, China
Created Spaces For View And Admiration.sighting wallssighting walls 2

A Series Of Street Facilities

Medium: Bronze, Marble , Glass,Wood, Lacquer Paint
Designed For Suzhou Goverment China
Used Typical Elements From Culture And History In Suzhou City,
Integrating Function And Aesthetic Feeling Of Facility.Street Facilities2Street Facilities4Street Facilities3Street Facilities5

Men And Woman, Old And Young

Medium: Metal, Lacquer Paint
Size: 2.8m
Designed For The Commercial Walking Street In Zhangjiagang City China.
Shaped A Unit With Different & woman

Sculpture Designs

sculpture20 sculpture21